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NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023
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The key task of modern business is the rapid implementation of full-fledged solutions under conditions of regularly changing rules and established procedures.

Email us at and send your actual tasks, and we will prepare answers for you, which you can discuss right on the forum site.

Understanding the current, most demanded tasks, both in export and import, allows to organize new transport corridors that meet the challenges from the markets.

Forming a supply chain with all BRICS+ countries, important aspects of the logistics chain are the following issues:

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  • Building financial flows, currency risks and working with guarantees
  • Full-fledged regular delivery on time, despite the current global collapses
  • Organization of logistics solutions that did not exist before
  • Cargo safety and insurance, taking into account current international legal norms

Cooperation in logistics is unlimited,
here are just a few solutions that were organized
with our partners in the shortest possible time.


China - is a service of individual accelerated trains

This service was organized as part of the development of trade turnover with the DPRK.

There are many routes and options for the delivery of goods from China, but there are also absolutely unique services. Today, market participants continue to face difficulties in delivering large shipments of goods in this direction. There are many solutions to this problem, we offer the most effective — trains formed for our customers are guaranteed to leave every month.

If you are an enterprise that needs regular uninterrupted supplies both in export and import, for example, from 1500 tons and more, then this service is for you.

Your personal train can be equipped with 20-foot containers or 40-foot HCube of your choice


Brazil -

traditionally a country with the aroma of coffee, nuts and spices

One of the activities of R-Line is the export of agricultural products to Brazil. The company has established fruitful relations with Brazilian agricultural producers and successfully supplies agricultural products to the world market. At the same time, it imports valuable goods to Russia: high quality meat, aromatic coffee, sugar cane and tobacco

Many import projects work with such sectors as equipment, meat and by-products, various amino acids.


Fertilizers worth more than $3 billion were sent from Russia


The most populous country and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Currently, there are various methods of cargo delivery between Russia and India on the market — by sea through the ports of Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, or multimodal routes through Iran.

  • Due to regular work with our agents, we organize any logistics chains
  • We carry out direct cargo collection from the client's factories
  • We carry out survey inspections, quality tests, additional packing of cargo, in accordance with your requirements for both container and ship shipments
  • In the case of delivery via Iran, the delivery is carried out both in containers and with transshipment to motor vehicles and railway wagons

SOUTH AFRICA — is a service for delivery and customs clearance of fresh vegetables and fruit

South Africa has a huge base for the growth of trade turnover with our country in many industries. However, historically, a large number of citrus fruits are supplied to the shelves of our stores from this country.

The R-Line Fruit service is designed for operational work with phytosanitary and veterinary cargoes. Today, cargo acceptance, all necessary types of processing, including fumigation and bulkhead are possible in the following cities:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Novorossiysk
  • Vladivostok
  • Kaliningrad
  • Moscow
  • and other regions of the Russian Federation

If necessary, warehouses are provided to ensure the correct commodity neighborhood and temperature conditions, customs clearance is carried out.

R-Fruit takes care of timely and high-quality delivery of vegetables and fruit, monitoring each stage.
It is important to us that your product reaches the end consumer fresh and safe.


Russia —

Export Queen

  • Crops Crops
  • Fertilizers Fertilizers
  • Timber Timber
  • Petroleum Petroleum
  • Equipment Equipment — provides transportation of bulk cargo

The company's export divisions operate in all corners of the Russian Federation, providing a full supply cycle from the moment the products are ready.

The service organizes the supply of containers and wagons to exporters' factories, as well as railway tanks for both food and petrochemical products.

The company R-Line Transport Systems, which is part of the logistics group, provides the organization of export deliveries, both by forming its own trains and by ship batches.

brics New BRICS+ participants are already taking their places of honor in the string of cargo turnover with Russia and joining our projects.

We will help you organize a project at any stage, from the conception of an idea to the final stage. Sometimes it is necessary to rent a terminal, buy a ferry, build refrigerated sections or launch a personal accelerated container train to solve problems, but it is not difficult when there is already a solution.


Always in touch,
Gershberg Artur Leonidovich
R-Line Logistics

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